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Rather than bang on about other peoples Book Clubs, we took the decision recently to form one of our own.
We have called it "The Sanctuary Members Book Club"
...and, it is our attempt to offer something completely different.
It's highly suited to Lock Down!
If you are far from a good bookshop, in love with books, like receiving parcels, and, this is the important bit, would like to be suprised by the books we send, then, just maybe, this could be for you...?

Read on...

Some Recent Comments by Members.
“I must tell you however that my monthly Book Package has been received with the same delight as the inmates of the various Stalag Luft camps would have greeted their Red Cross parcels!”

Another fantastic box of goodies has hit my doorstep! An awesome way to round off what has been without doubt the best run of postage I have known or shall ever experience.

Just opened the parcel and what a treat! Fantastic selection. Thank you so much. And a bottle of Tokaji!!!!

"These personalised book parcels have been instrumental in me becoming an actual collector of books rather than remaining a mere book accumulator. The quality of postings I've received from you  (and the obvious attention you pay to them) has helped form the basis of a library I'm now very very proud of..."
“You've managed to surpass yourself, again! Nominated for Best box of the Year.
Thank you again Bob, your ears will now continue to burn, as our Postie travels around the village singing your well-deserved praises”.
“Thank you so much for the fantastic book box that I received this week! It came at just the right time, as admittedly, I needed to fight off some 'dismals' that occasionally happen when the days become shorter! 
The contents were perfect”.
“Thanks for another fantastic box of goodies. Seriously, man, this is the best thing I’ve ever signed up for!
I have had so much fun with everything. You and The Sanctuary are awesome”.
“I was delighted with your pick of books and the goodies too, not just the subject matter, but the particular ones.
I love the idea of serendipitous choices and very much look forward to future parcels”.
“Never been anything but delighted to be a member... six stars from me!”

So, here below is our personal invitation to you, to join …
The Sanctuary Members Book Club.
 (This page last updated June 6th 2021).

Club benefits:
1. For your annual subscription, you will receive one book parcel a month (or at any interval you prefer), for a total of twelve parcels.
2. Your first month mailing will be without any obligation to subscribe.
The idea for this came to us from a major mailing error in August 2017. Unrelated books were sent to the wrong purchasers, by inadvertently swopping addresses.
Instead of being taken to task, customers wrote in to say how fascinated they were.
They were books they would never have chosen, but they had read them from cover to cover..!
Please, could they have more!
So, the idea behind our Book Club is that we gradually build up a record of your likes, dislikes, enthusiasms, hobbies, etc., but with our guarantee that any total mismatch (or a book you already possess) will be exchanged, if returned, by a replacement and completely free.

The economics are as follows:
UK post up to 2.0 kg weight second class is currently £3.10. Notice, we are not interested in mailing you 50p paperbacks. Our monthly choice of book(s) for you will be selected from our Shop and Reserve stock of 45,000 volumes. We see this as an opportunity for you to quietly build an interesting library with our help, especially if you are far from a good bookshop, perhaps housebound, or, unlikely to be able to visit Lyme Regis on a regular basis.
Book Club members are encouraged to leave feedback with us (by letter, phone, email, etc.).
The more they do, the more we can tailior contents to their enthusiasms!

In that way, we hope to gradually improve our service to you...

The Sanctuary Bookshop. 65 Broad St. Lyme Regis DT7 3QF.
Tel: 01297-445815.
Email: enquiries@ex-lib.com.
Websites: www.ex-lib.com.
Subscription: £110.00p/a (UK only). Ten Mailings. Overseas interest? Please contact us).
If this is of interest, please contact us to discuss how we can help you. N.B. 2021 Membership: 25 Maximum.

For all your expert book restoration needs, contact:
George Janssen
Chandos Books. London House. Market Place. Colyton. Devon EX24 6JS. Tel: 01297-553344. Email: chandosbooks@hotmail.com

For Bookbinding & Repair in Dorset & Devon...click here...

Our Home Page...please click here...P.S. Above right: A mounted Kindle Trophy. Cornered and then shot, while running loose in a bookshop!

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